LUX is an installation created for gallery dimensions. It premiered at GALLERIA LIA RUMMA Milano in Itally. LUX' is based on some audio visual material also used in for <360> and MINUS. This material was further processed and re-composed


../content/lux/INSTALLATIONE_LUX_03-show.jpg INSTALLATIONE_LUX_03 preview
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  1.228 x 1.704 48k jpg download
../content/lux/INSTALLAZIONE_LUX_01-show.jpg INSTALLAZIONE_LUX_01 preview
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  1.521 x 2.000 337k jpg download
../content/lux/INSTALLAZIONE_LUX_02-show.jpg INSTALLAZIONE_LUX_02 preview
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  2.133 x 1.700 366k jpg download


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LUX_DESCRIPTION rtf 1k download
LUX_TECHNICAL_RIDER_03[1] doc 1k download